• Precision laser scanning

  • BW or color precision point cloud

  • 360 measurable imagery

  • 3D models

  • Precision as-builts

  • Savings generator

  • Virtual tours

  • Virtual reality tours

  • Virtual documentation

  • Point clouds

  • 3D mesh

  • 3D models

  • Aerial imagery

  • Aerial videos

  • Site scanning to produce

    • CAD drawings 

    • Point clouds

    • 3D mesh 

  • BIM Infrastructure Development

  • BIM implementation

  • Transition CAD to BIM

  • BIM management

  • BIM standards

  • BIM customization

  • Dynamo programming

  • Training

  • Build and implement in-house REVIT store planning systems

  • Production drawings and/or 3D models store planning to expand our client's bandwidth


Technology is cool! Everyday we see amazing things, mostly eye catching and entertaining.

At GetReal we are focused on how to create value using technology.


Our cost effective services will be planned, completed and delivered in a lean workflow with the goal of minimizing cost and maximize output.

In fact we have compelling case studies showing that, with the right implementation, our services are not an expense but rather an investment.


We are constantly looking for ways to improve our customer's process and often technology offers the best tools.

Our clients reduce rework as they become more aware of unknown site conditions, become more efficient, complete tasks in safer ways while keeping them on the cutting edge  of technology.

Mobile Precision Laser Scanning

Introducing NavVis to the Canadian market! 

Once again, GetReal Services is adopting state of the art technology to deliver reality capture. NavVis enables us to deliver fast and accurate 3D laser scanning most notably for large spaces.

A few of the highlights:

  • 5X faster on-site data acquisition: if our presence on site must be kept to a minimum (operational spaces such as a retail locations, travel hubs, educational facilities or due to special conditions such as COVID19 restrictions), our technology is best fit to meet these requirements

  • high capacity laser scanning: we have the ability to cover up to 300,000SF: this will vary based on the specifics of the space and SOW

  • cost effective: our solution is budget friendly due to fast data acquisition times

  • state of the art project sharing and navigation tools: do not send your team on site, bring the project to your team; HD panoramic views, POI annotations, linear and area measurements are only a few of the viewers capabilities while the project can be accessed by your team remotely from any device.

Precision Laser Scanning

Laser scanning became the de facto method of generating accurate as-built/as-constructed documentation for renovations and expansion projects and in many cases new built. The technology delivers unprecedented levels of precision as it relates to dimensional accuracy and intelligent visuals acquired leading to exponential efficiency gains. Our case studies show that for every dollar invested in laser scanning the ROI is $3,5-$7,5!! 


These savings are generated through providing true as-built/as-constructed documentation at the outset of the project, minimizing errors and omissions due to unknown site conditions, minimizing the number of site visits (up to 60% less site visits needed to acquire and/or confirm existing conditions).

Although precision as-built is the obvious application for laser scanning, your will gain great efficiency in the construction phase as well. The point cloud generated through laser scanning is a highly effective tool in any QA/QC process.

Our Scan to BIM deliverable include point clouds, REVIT models, CAD or PDF as needed. We service companies across Canada!

VR - Interactive/Immersive Virtual Tours

VR is quickly becoming mainstream expanding beyond gaming and early adopters. Easy to use, portable and instantly available, our VR experience provided with our virtual tours are extremely popular!

Virtual tours are a powerful way to capture and document a space. When this documentation tool is immersive and interactive we have the ability to best understand this space and inform our decisions. Our virtual tours give you the flexibility to explore every corner of the captured space, present a property or project in a professional High Definition setup that include still shots of your choice with the option to take dimensions inside this tour.

In addition to the virtual tour and the associated imagery, this service delivers a point cloud and as built documentation

This service is ideal for the following industries: small retail, real estate, hotel and travel, event venues specifically and Architecture Engineering Construction in general.

Our customer save money by reducing the time to visit a property, an event venue, vacation facility, by providing an immersive remote experience. They use it as a new way to reach out to their millennial customer base and reduce the planning and design cycle by reducing the number of site visits.

UAV services: aerial imagery, videos, mapping and site scanning

Drone technology provides our customer with a range of powerful tool whether is HD aerial imagery, high quality aerial video feed or site scan, a powerful fast and accurate 3D site model generating technique to assist site planning, estimation, visualization.   Our process is tailored around quality data and it is very cost effective

The example below shows a point cloud generated from aerial imagery with the goal of determining stockpile volume.

BIM Services

Building Information Modeling (BIM), offers those who successfully implement it a real competitive advantage.​

With over 10 successful years in this field, GetReal provides the expertise for a successful transition from CAD to BIM. We specialize in streamlining and delivering the best customer experience. Our area of expertise covers:

  • BIM Infrastructure development

  • BIM implementation

  • BIM customization

  • Dynamo programming

  • BIM management

  • BIM standards

  • Training

A specific BIM service we are specialized in, is REVIT store planning. With industry leading RETAIL know how, we build REVIT store planning systems tailored to your internal needs or use our in-house resources to provide store planning services. 


We provide (both CAD and REVIT):

  • Store design

  • Fixturing layouts

  • Signage and Decor packages

  • Renovation packages

Flexible enough so it will quickly respond to your immediate needs and scalable to accommodate any team size needs, our modular system is built around increased efficiency and data quality. We got great reviews on the national and international stage presenting it in Toronto, Las Vegas, Moscow.

​In addition to that, we have the experience and skill set to add to your bandwidth​ and ease the transition to REVIT and BIM while dramatically gaining efficiency and accuracy by providing store planning services.

Store Planning Services

Crowfoot Exterior.JPG
Humber-Interior 3.JPG
FRESHCO Sample Store.JPG

Meet GetReal


With 17 years in the AEC industry, our staff is highly skilled in all aspects of reality capture and BIM processes. With a strong focus on R&D, GetReal will enable your business to reach new levels of productivity and help you offer enhanced and reach customer experiences. We have national coverage!


Technology is cool but creating value using technology is even cooler! In a nutshell this is our vision!

All our services will generate savings and truly enhance your processes.


Building Information Modeling, from the critically important specifics of implementation to the very last details of each 3D component, laser scanning, drone data acquisition, virtual reality...

These are a few of the exciting technologies we have successfully worked with and can enhance your current business.

Our technology is one call away from being your technology.

We would be delighted to stop by for a demonstration! 




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